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Certified CAN-BIKE Instructor

The Path to Success

5+ years of experience teaching cycling skills to kids and adults. Using my teaching skills, I aim to provide a positive experience using various skills and strategies to develop cycling skills for all ages.

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Certified CAN-BIKE Instructor: Services

Preparing for Lessons

Before Lessons

Make sure you have the following ready prior to the lesson:

  • tuned up bike

  • bike helmet (max 5 years from date of manufacturing located inside the helmet)

  • bike bell

  • light fitted clothes (or light jacket for depending on the weather)

  • shorts or tight fitting pants (prevent catching on pedals)

  • snacks

  • water

  • get a good night sleep before the lesson

Due to the pandemic, please also bring:

  • hand sanitizers

  • mask that covers your mouth, nose, and chin

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Certified CAN-BIKE Instructor: About

Rates For Cycling Lessons

CAN-BIKE Level 1 (Balancing) & 2 (Bike Handling)

Within Markham - $70/hr

Outside of Markham - $80+/hr

Downtown Toronto - $100+/hr (due to transportation cost/time)

CAN-BIKE Level 3 (Residential Roads, Theory & Bike Handling)

Contact for more details

CAN-BIKE Level 4

Contact for more details

More info to come!

Bike Handles
Certified CAN-BIKE Instructor: Welcome
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